Join the world of tennis, the world of big sports, engage in a healthy lifestyle, improve physical fitness and psychological well-being and, most importantly, do it easily and naturally, Beverly Hills Tennis Academy offers Tennis Lessons in Santa Monica, California is exactly what you need. Tennis is a unique game that combines sports and recreation. Everyone with completely different levels of physical fitness can play tennis: men, women, children.

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Tennis Club is honored to work with the country’s league best tennis players
that now can become your personal coach and help you win

$10 extra per each additional player.

Apply to all packages

Saturday – Sunday

10 Lesson Package

Monday – Friday

First Tennis Lesson

per hour

$10 for extra per each additional player. Los Angeles Residence Only

Monday – Friday

Group Lesson

per hour

Minimum of 4 players

Monday – Friday

Preschooler Lesson

30 min

2 – 6
Years old

Monday – Friday


6 lesson packages use monthly
10 lesson package use in 2 months
20 lesson package use in 3 months
Packages are non-refundable
48-hour cancellation applies to all lessons and classes

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Have you already purchased a Promotional Class Package on another website?   Email the Purchaser’s Name, Redeemer’s ID, Package Type & Redemption Code to:  Beverly Hills Tennis Academy will credit your account with your purchase and email to notify you.

Can I book a trial lesson with you?

Most people purchase a minimum of 4 hours to start so I have enough time to look at your game and make a few quick fixes or develop a plan based on your goals. If for some reason you aren’t happy, Beverly Hills Tennis Academy can switch you to a different coach. If they can’t find a coach you like, they will refund you the remaining lessons. But if you would still like a trial lesson you can call 3105927613 to set one up.

I have a court I want to use, can you come to it?

Yes, if you are within my service area I am happy to come to your own private court or a public court of your choosing.

What is the membership period?

It all depends in the package deal that you purchase

I get the weekly emails. Am I a member?

Yes, we will get a weekly email for you as a members with promotions, events news and tips to improve your tennis game.

How can I find out if I am a Current Member?

You can click on memberships  or give us a call at 310.592.7613

How can I find out if I am a Current Member?

You become a member once you purchase one of the package deal

Class Cancellation - Cancellation by You

All cancellations must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to scheduled.  All cancellations within 48 hours of a scheduled class are subject to a ‘no show’ fee up to the full price of the class. By cancelling at least 48 hours, you will not be charged a ‘no show’ fee.  Early cancellations can be completed via your Beverly Hills Tennis Academy account, email, call  with at least 48 hours notice.

Can you teach more than one person at a time?


How do I schedule and pay for my lesson?

You can book directly through the website or feel free to call at 3105927613

What are the membership levels and how much are they?

It all depends on how many lessons would you like to take a month

I don’t have a court in mind, where can we play?

Beverly Hills Tennis Academy can provide several options in your local area that will be convenient for you.

Why should I become a member?

Because it will keeps you more in touch with your game, it will keep you update in the world of tennis and you will save more in your tennis lessons. Our coaches will be here for you if you have any questions about diets, mental and physical strength to prepare before your tennis match or to recap after your tennis match. Also, As a member, you will be able to play in the tennis members tennis tournaments, get together to watch a tennis match while all member chit chat over a meal or healthy drinks. there will be trips to go watch one of the grand slams tournament like the Australia Open, French Open, Wimbledon or the US Open! Or If  members do not feel like traveling far away, then, the UCLA Pro Tennis Tournament or Indian Wells BNP Paribas will be the way to go in order to understand the concept of playing one point at the time and to see from a close up and personal how the pro players use the geometry of the tennis court in order to maximize their opportunities to win a match.  Our goal is to create a family with in the Beverly Hills Tennis Academy to support each other and to enjoy the world of tennis while they watch it or play it.

Who is eligible for membership?

Anyone that wants to play tennis

What if it rains?

If it rains we’ll reschedule for a sunny day! It won’t be counted as one of your lesson credits.

Class Cancellation - Cancellation by Beverly Hills Tennis Academy

If a class must be cancelled, Beverly Hills Tennis Academy will notify enrolled students at least two hours prior to their scheduled start. Weather can change during the day and in different parts of Los Angeles. If you have registered for a class and Beverly Hills Tennis Academy has not contacted you, do not assume a rain cancellation. To confirm, check Roger for cancellations, or call +1(310)592-7613.  If a prepaid class is cancelled or rained out during class, you will receive a credit for a make-up class.


All sales are final

6 lesson packages use monthly
10 lesson package use in 2 months
20 lesson package use in 3 months
Packages are non-refundable
48-hour cancellation applies to all lessons and classes.

Court availability is limited and Classes missed outside of our cancellation guidelines cannot be refunded, rescheduled, transferred or credited in any way.