Beverly Hills Tennis Academy invites everyone to Santa Monica Adult Tennis Lessons

Santa Monica Adult Tennis lessonsTrainings are conducted both in groups and individually under the guidance of experienced professional trainers. Adult Tennis Lessons Groups usually recruit adolescents from 16 years and adults to unlimited age. Tennis is a unique sport that is never too late to start practicing, besides it is an interesting and exciting game that has a competitive character.

Features of adult tennis training.

Tennis has a lot of undeniable advantages:

  • It is a great way to relax and is the perfect form of outdoor activities;

  • With the help of tennis, you can make new friends with whom you will communicate outside the court;

  • Each workout makes a huge contribution to your health, improves your well-being and gives a good mood;

  • Thanks to physical exertion, you will feel more alert and develop all muscle groups;

  • Aerobic exercise is great for burning extra pounds;

  • Tennis also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Anyone can learn how to play tennis, regardless of their age, fitness or entry level. We conduct big tennis lessons for beginner adults on the best Santa Monica courts, we use effective modern training programs, thanks to which your skills will grow with incredible speed. The program and intensity of training in the first place will depend on the goals that you set for yourself, because you may want to just relax after work and stretch your muscles well while playing with another person, or you may want to develop yourself as a professional athlete and take part in a variety of tournaments. In any case, we give you the opportunity to get everything you need for self-improvement, and our coaches will help you achieve your goals.

Santa Monica Adult Tennis lessons

Tennis Sports Section for Adults at the Beverly Hills Tennis Academy

You can sign up for tennis training at the Beverly Hills Tennis Academy by phone or send email. If you do not know how, but want to learn how to play tennis and enjoy it, then the most beneficial option for you will be in the morning. Individual training will help you work out the right technique in the best possible way, and group lessons will add an atmosphere of competition. Our coaches have a very rich experience of professional playing tennis and teaching, are attentive to each student, they make up a training program in accordance with their physical form, level of training and goal. Beverly Hills Tennis Academy is the best tennis school in Santa Monica, where adult education is conducted at the highest professional level.

  • Our advantages:

  • Affordable tuition fees;

  • High professionalism;

  • Guaranteed positive result;

  • The use of modern techniques;

  • High quality equipment and training grounds

Enrollment in tennis for children is carried out using the online application on our website, as well as by calling (310) 592-7613