Tennis Lessons for Kids in Santa Monica

Kids Tennis Lessons in Santa Monica, CA  is a priority of the Beverly Hills Tennis Academy. That is why we have created all the conditions for high-quality tennis classes at the lowest prices.


santa monica tennis academyOur coaches are top-notch professionals who know how to explain the complex aspects of tennis equipment so that it is easy and understandable to children.

2 years old toddler Tennis lessons

2 years old toddler Tennis lessons

Beverly Hills Tennis Academy offers tennis training for children from 3 years old. To give a child for lessons and tennis training is the best way to introduce him to this wonderful sport. Thanks to tennis, children develop coordination and learn to focus, improve stretching and strengthen muscles. Tennis is a unique sport that requires patience and work, but it carries tremendous health benefits as well as for general development.

New Approach to Kids Tennis lessons

Group lessons with children under 10 years old in our Academy are held according to the USTA’s 10 & Under Tennis initiative”, implemented by the United States Tennis Association (USTA)


Kids Tennis lessons

Kids Tennis lessons

  1. Classes with children are held in small groups of 6-7 people. This allows coaches to pay attention to each child.

  2. For training with children, soft balls with a slow rebound and small sized racquets are used.

  3. During the training, devices that help to develop understanding of the flight of objects of different mass and size are actively used: cones, overhead plastic lines, crossbars for jumping, etc. Exercises with these devices are also aimed at the formation of the motor apparatus, the development of flexibility and coordination. Look? HERE ?, how it works

  4. From the earliest age, competitions corresponding to age are held using a simple system of scoring points and shortened matches. This allows children to feel interest to the game and play it fully from the age of 6. The children develop tactical thinking, practical skill and accumulated tournament experience.

Santa Monica Kids Tennis lessons

4 years old Tennis Lesson

At what age should we start kids tennis lessons?

If your goal is to grow a future champion, then from the age of 3 the baby should develop coordination, agility, ability to move quickly, to follow the ball with his eyes. If you have chosen tennis lessons for the general development of the child – the age is absolutely not important, the main thing is to choose the group in which your child’s peers are engaged, so that the lessons bring not only physical stress, but also the joy of communication.

Already from 3 years old a child can fully engage in tennis. It is at this age that the necessary skills are best consolidated, and the understanding of the game is formed on an intuitive level. It is almost impossible to meet today the world champion in tennis, who would start to engage after five years of age. It is also worth noting that it’s never too late to start, and you can achieve success at any age. With the help of training the child will learn:

  • Hold the racket correctly;

  • Move around the court;

  • Serve and hit the ball;

  • Build your own game tactics.

And also get excellent physical and psychological training, so that will be ready to participate in competitions and tournaments. The tennis section for children is a professional foundation for achieving the best results and a necessary aspect of the development of young athletes. It is worth noting that usually parents are always interested in whether the workout will cause harm to the health and performance of the child. Our trainers use effective and proven techniques that are guaranteed to benefit both physical and intellectual development. At the same time, we practice an individual approach to each student, adapting the program to his level of training and physical fitness.

The best tennis school for kids in Santa Monica.

One of the fundamental principles of the academy of tennis in Santa Monica is the hobby of children in tennis.

“We develop children’s tennis and make it available. Beverly Hills Tennis Academy Coach – Roger Zamudio”

Now is the best time to sign up for your child to play tennis. We invite kids to the fascinating world of sports, where they will find many friends and gain invaluable experience. All trainings are conducted under the control of the best Beverly Hills Tennis Academy coaches. Children’s tennis is primarily a game sport, so your child will not only develop physically, but also communicate with other people, compete, make decisions and win. On our courts a friendly and pleasant atmosphere reigns, bringing pleasure to both students and coaches.

Why you should give your child exactly in Beverly Hills Tennis Academy ?

  • Experienced qualified trainers;

  • Individual approach;

  • Modern equipment;

  • Comfortable courts;

  • Group and individual lessons;

  • Flexible visiting schedule;

  • Highly effective teaching methods.


Kids Tennis Lessons

How many times a week should I  take tennis lessons near me?

The frequency of classes depends largely on the age of the child and on the goals that are put before the child. On average, we recommend practicing at least 2 times a week. The duration of training can vary from 45 minutes to one and a half hours. At an early age, it is difficult for a child to endure long periods of stress, but I can spend the prepared children with pleasure on the court all day and “do not drag the ears”. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how the child behaves after training, the child should not be too tired and sluggish.

Does a child need a special kids tennis racket, and what should it be?

Yes, we need a racket with an ordinary big head and a shortened handle. For the first classes we give the kids a racket. However, if you plan that your kid will regularly engage in tennis – it is better to buy your child a racket, having consulted the coach about the parameters of the racket.

Enrollment for kids tennis lessons for  is carried out using the online application on our website, as well as by calling (310) 592-7613