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Santa Monica Private TENNIS lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

Private tennis  lessons in the city of Santa Monica is an important area for Beverly Hills Tennis Academy.

Beverly Hills Tennis Academy offers private tennis lessons  for children and adults on the tennis courts in Santa Monica. Sign up for classes can be anyone, regardless of age and initial level of training. Effective tennis lessons for adults in Beverly Hills Tennis Academy can take place both individually and in group form.

When coming to Beverly Hills Tennis Academy, we are often asked the question of which approach to training is most effective – private or group. There is no definite answer, it all depends on the goals you are pursuing. Let’s try to figure it out.

  • Private tennis lessons are very useful for setting techniques, working out different elements of the game separately under the supervision of a coach. All the attention of the coach will be paid only to you throughout the entire lesson, which is physically impossible to achieve during the tennis lessons in the group .;
  • Rapid improvement in gaming skills;
  • Timely detection and correction of errors and omissions of the game technique;
  • Progress and professionalism grow from occupation to occupation and are noticeable not only to you, but also to others.

In addition, it is a great way to significantly improve your health, bring your body to tone, lose weight, strengthen muscles and relieve the spine after a long day at the office. Thanks to an individual training program, you have the opportunity to play tennis under the guidance of an experienced coach at any time convenient for you: in the morning, afternoon or evening.


santa-monica private tennis lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

The main advantages of Private tennis lessons:

Flexible work schedule, so that anyone can choose the most convenient mode of attendance training; The program of private tennis lessons is also compiled individually and depends on your athletic training and goals. Beverly Hills Tennis Academy has been considered the best tennis school in Santa Monica for many years, you can be sure of the success of your workouts.

At Beverly Hills Tennis Academy, this service is available to you. Our specialists are working on the latest techniques, in practice, justified their effectiveness. Efficiency, individual approach, high level of skill – such qualities are different coaches who teach the basics of the most noble sport.

Treat and enjoy the easy and confident game of tennis. If you wish, you can turn to a professional athlete, but not all great players have pedagogical talent – this should not be forgotten when looking for a mentor.

Why private lessons with your own coach are considered more productive than group ones?

As already mentioned, private tennis lessons in the Beverly Hills Tennis Academy in Santa Monica implies a full concentration of the coach on the student. Thus, all errors and shortcomings in the technique will be revealed. The game will be conducted under the close supervision of a specialist, you can be sure that the wrong movements will not develop into an established skill, but will be immediately corrected. Another advantage is the use of modern technologies, such as tennis guns and slow-motion video.

The use of a tennis Ball Machines allows you to significantly increase the intensity of classes in tennis. It can be configured to work out a specific element: strikes right and left, cross and line, smash and many others. However, its most important advantage is that the tennis instructor may at this moment be positioned next to the tennis player, pointing out his technical flaws.

The speed of the movements is high, this is especially true for high-level players, so no matter how skilled the coach is working with you, he is not always able to see all the shortcomings, slow-motion video comes to the rescue. When performing various technical elements, the movements of the athlete are recorded on a special camera. After training, the video is analyzed for errors that are inaccessible to the human eye. You can also make a comparative analysis with the technique of the best tennis players. In fairness, we note that this approach should be applied to professional players.

Cost of training with a tennis instructor

The disadvantage of individual tennis classes, of course, is their higher cost. Despite this, Beverly Hills Tennis Academy strives to reduce the price of individual lessons as much as possible. The cost of such lessons of tennis Beverly Hills Tennis Academy is the lowest in Santa Monica, as you can see in the price section.

We recommend playing tennis on an individual basis when you need to make a sharp jump in the quality of your game, for example, when you want to move from a subscription to a sports group. Also, our coaches recommend using individual training as an addition to group tennis when there is a need to improve the technique of performing the elements.