Sense of the tennis ball

Sense of the tennis ball

If you want to achieve a higher level of play, then you must understand that the blow is based on its specific feel, and not on technique. You think, “How is it not on technique? All strikes are based on technique!” Yes, this is a trivial view of how to execute a shot, but the sense of the tennis ball “feel” plays a bigger role than the biomechanics of the shot.

What do I, as a tennis coach, mean by feeling the ball? Ball Sense (Ball sense is the feeling of a shot as a holistic intuitive movement) is the psychophysical sensation of a hit as a whole, based on proper balance and timing. With this feeling well developed, the tennis player hits the ball with the correct force and rotation, which allows him to accurately execute the intended hit.

A player may look good on the court in terms of hitting technique, but this does not mean that, for example, he can keep the ball well in play in all situations.

The bottom line is that all pros spend many hours on the court trying to develop a sense of the ball.

By developing a sense of a specific hit, you can be sure that over time, your technique will be all right.

Try practicing any of your kicks for one month, exercising for only half an hour a week or more. Have a coach or partner throw balls at you for a specific shot. Train in this way for 10 minutes, then move to other strikes within 3 minutes. Then return to the same beat again for another 10 minutes. Do this for as long as you can.

Most players want the pros to tell them what they are doing technically wrong so they can fix it so they can play like them. If these desires were realized, then we would have only professionals. At the same time, the importance of the actual training work is not taken into account. Train to maximize the density and effectiveness of your training sessions!

With a good tennis coach, many of the mistakes you make will disappear over time. Why? Because most players make mistakes due to the wrong balance, timing, self-awareness and lack of physical fitness. The same problems accompany a child who is just learning to walk. It also lacks balance, timing, sense of self, and has underdeveloped muscles. But thanks to parental education, the child begins to walk.

Therefore, classes with a qualified tennis coach will allow you to acquire the listed skills, which, in turn, will lead to the feeling of the ball, which provides the desired technical improvement.